About Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a long term treatment which focuses on gaining insight into the underlying causes of emotional problems.  Counselling, which I also offer, tends to be shorter term and is sometimes more solution focused, working through an immediate issue or situation.  Hidden feelings and past experiences often inform our behaviour and the way we relate to others.  By working therapeutically, the aim is to bring these feelings to the surface and give them space to heal or transform. ​Psychotherapy is exploratory and non-judgemental, and works by helping people to understand the underlying roots of their difficulties.  This is believed to be more effective in the long term than giving advice or reassurance, or using techniques which try to numb the mind.

Psychotherapy can be very helpful to people from all walks of life.  I work with professionals experiencing high levels or stress and anxiety in their careers and creatives suffering a lack of inspiration.  Many of my clients are struggling following heart break or loss, or are facing illness.  We live in a world that depends on relating to others and a lot of people are keen to work on and improve their relationships, whether that be with partners, family, colleagues or friends.  Some people seek therapy when they are experiencing difficulties dealing with their distress on their own. Whatever is troubling you, talking about it with a psychotherapist could help.


Ways of working

I offer online sessions lasting 50 minutes.  By working online I am able to reach a wider client base both in terms of your location and situation. I am also able to work with you over the telephone if you find visual contact difficult or by using online chat for the duration of your session if you find it easier to communicate in writing.


I use a sliding scale that takes into account your income and situation.  As a guide, individual therapy is between £50 and £70 per 50 minute session.  I am sometimes able to offer low cost therapy to unwaged or low income individuals.  


Ethics, Privacy and Digital

As a registered practitioner, I am bound by the UKCP code of ethics and professional practice.  You can read them here

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In recent years I have found that technology and social media use can affect the therapeutic relationship and I have found it necessary to create a digital policy. I now ask all my clients to read my digital policy when they start therapy. You can read my digital policy here